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Up until yesterday I was completely at a loss as to what I was going to write about for section 3 of my webpage.  I was reading over the comments that I made on my classmates’ blogs and I noticed a common theme.  I really enjoyed the articles that pertained to the “death of the printing industry” and the rise of internet resources.  I guess this is because my husband works in the printing industry and I feel it is very relevant to our lives.  I know that my best papers and projects are often the ones I am most passionate about and I feel that this is a topic I will really enjoy. 

At first I was a little nervous to get into the research.  I thought it might depress me to consider the fact that in ten years my husband will be out of a job.  Surprisingly, however, I found a lot of information that contradicts the “death of the printing industry.”  It seems that many scholars agree that the web will simply compliment print, not replace it altogether.  I am a little skeptical of this assertion.  I still think that web will replace print completely, just hopefully not in my lifetime. 

I have found about ten articles that I feel fit into my topic but I would like to refine it a little more.  I’m not sure if I want to touch on all traditional print versus web or just newspapers.  I’m hoping that my project will evolve as I do more research.  I can honestly say that I am excited to get started and see where my research will take me!


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